Aerona Clinic is a cloud based Practice Management Software for dental (and many other) clinics and practices. But what is that and what does ‘the cloud’ actually mean?

There are many definitions of ‘the cloud’ but they all centre around one specific theme – moving away from spending large capital sums on robust, secure and reliable equipment (servers, PCs etc) and spending considerably more modest sums paying for a service.

There are significant advantages in moving your business to the cloud over and above the significant cost savings.

If your Practice Management Software is hosted on an internal server within your workplace then you will need to back that data up on a regular basis. Should anything happen to the server (including a simple PC breakdown, a virus or a physical breakage) then the data is often lost. If you haven’t backed up your data recently then it’s irrecoverable. With cloud based software your data is hosted by a 3rd party data centre and is backed up in real time by live syncing. Every time you save and close a client record it is backed up. It’s not just backed up in one data centre either. It’s backed up in (typically) three data centres in different geographic locations. Cloud solutions give you a higher degree of safety for your data.

What about security though? Software providers who haven’t made it to the cloud yet often suggest that the cloud is less secure. Actually, it’s more secure than on your own server unless you also encrypt the data, place it behind firewalls and security facilities set to the same standards as the banking industry for online banking and are constantly updating your security technologies? Computer viruses and malware evolve all the time. Around 10,000 viruses are launched each month. How often do you install the latest anti-virus software to counter them? Wouldn’t it be great if this was done for you? Cloud software providers do this all day and every day.

These features are themselves compelling reasons to look at cloud based Practice Management Software. The advantages don’t stop there however. You can access your software online. Anywhere you have an internet connection. No software to install on your home PC or your laptop – just a simple web browser. Log in, access the files you need, log out. Now taking your work home doesn’t mean carrying heavy files around.

What’s more, most software providers have multi-device capability. In other words, you can log in online via a PC, laptop, tablet device or even a smartphone. Want to know what your schedule looks like tomorrow? No problem. Want to discuss a case with a colleague in a café? No problem. Log in, see case notes, X-rays and all the other features you would expect to find in a state-of-the-art Practice Management Software.

Running a business can be time consuming and challenging at the best of times. Should software make it easier for you? To find out more visit us at

What is the 'cloud' and why is it important?
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What is the 'cloud' and why is it important?
A brief introduction to the idea of cloud-based computing and the great advantages it can bring. AeronaClinic is cloud-based dental software and offers great advantages to dental practices who adopt it as their practice management software. These include cost savings, more secure data, fewer recording errors, and the opportunity to connect more effectively with patients and customers.
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